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Download Best Document Scanner And PDF Creator Android Application Available On Play Store For Free

Nowadays, using digital PDFs and sending them to anywhere digitally has a number of advantages because maintaining the format of the original file, PDFs work well on all operating systems and are also easy to view and share. They can also be locked or password protected for security purposes.

These features are generally very helpful and easy for managers, marketers etc. because they are very easy to manage for customers and teams as they can easily access all information in a single PDF.

However, for document scanning you don’t need to invest in OCR software and hardware but can instead simply use apps that are readily available for mobile devices. This app also works as OCR apps for free. You can download Document to PDF Converter App For Free From Play Store.

This means being able to scan anything you want. It can be your invoices, receipts, information docs, or any other documents.

Download Bes Document into PDF Converter App FRom Play Store
Best DOCX to PDF Converter – DSC Document Scanner App

We are presenting here DSC – Document Scanner App for users who are looking for Best word Scanner apps on Play Store.

Our DSC – Document Scanner and PDF Creator App with all free features. Scan single or multiple documents and create PDF with best features and user-experience based designed interface. It is also free to use without using Sign up or Login.

Here Are Some Features Of Our Document To PDF Converter App:

  • Scan single or multiple images, crop, edit
  • Scan image and Create PDF
  • Create and share password-protected PDF file
  • OCR(Extract text from an Image to share text or create PDF)
  • Import HTML or text file to create PDF
  • Write your own Idea as text to share as PDF docs or text
  • Read content from HTML or Text file
  • Compress PDF to reduce file size as you wish
  • Find your shared docs at a place
  • Optimize document with color and light mode
  • Smart cropping tool for enhancement
  • ID card wallet facility
  • Organize docs with folder and sub folder
  • Share documents with ease
  • Easily convert JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF or Text to PDF

And many more.

Our Document Scanner and PDF Maker App will help you scan any document or image in High quality, you can also share the scanned file with anybody you want. You can also say PDF Creator, PDF Maker, PDF Generator etc.

This scanner app can inspect and save PDFs in HD quality, even if you are offline, you can still use CamScanner to take a photo and generate pdf.

So, as mentioned above, if you are scanning sensitive documents, you can protect them with built-in encryption and passwords. It is free to download on Android but offers in-app purchases.

Check out – DSC – Document Scanner and PDF Creator App.


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