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Scanner APP

DS - A document scanner, PDF creator

This PDF creator app helps you to scan image or document in HD quality. Our Doc Scanner app enables sharing documents on the go. Our document scanner app stores PDF in compressed file size and can be managed by category.

  • Scanning document.
  • Optimize document with color and light mode.
  • Id card wallet facility.
  • Easily convert Jpg to pdf, Png to pdf or Text to pdf.
  • Smart cropping tool for enhancement.
Scanner App
Tools APP

Update Play Services - Info & Fix errors

This error message started showing up for Android users.So we looked into it and here are a few solutions below to fix this play services issue.If you have a very old and outdated version of Google Play Services installed. Or this is because of a bug on Google’s end and a fix may be coming out soon.

  • How to: Fix “Google play services has stopped” Error.
  • Update Google Play Services.
  • Difficulty in install new apps due to insufficient memory space
  • Clear app cache.
  • Clear cache for Google Services Framework.
Info fix Error
Booter APP

Ram Faster - Ram Booster

By performing Ram boosting can speed Up your device, optimize ram size in a short time and increase battery life.

  • Optimize ram usage and save memory.
  • App Manager - that can provide to install/uninstall app's in quick time.
  • Fast mobile ram speed when you got hang your phone.
  • Directly uninstall app using the simple navigation step.
Ram Booster App
Mirror APP

MakeUp Mirror - Real Mirror HD

This app helps you to reflect your face in-front of you as real mirror, use it like makeup mirror.

  • Better looking your front.
  • Manage brighness of mirror.
  • One tap gesture to manage zoom and exposure.
  • Rotate your mirror to see you in width.
  • Makeup yourself anywhere you want.
Mirror App
Game APP

Brain Game IQ Level Test

Train your brain to function better. These games for all, as well as adults, enable everyone to work on their mental skills and cognitive abilities, and improve their iQ and keep them active for free.

  • Math calculation Game.
  • Games for kids and adults.
  • Free memory game.
  • Skill Training game.
  • Refresh your IQ, Brain, Mind with an easy and one click step..
Brain Game App

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Thank you for fixing everything and helping me the owner to have full access again on my OPPO. It was much appreciated.

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Olivia Diez


It helped solve my problems with my android such as fixing errors an corrected them

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Lenora Kennedy


I got my phone fixed and this seems to work now. Thank you for getting back to me. I'll give it a workout in bit. It seems like it's more for a tablet than a mobile phone!

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Ruth Weisberg


Awesome application, I recommend it to anyone who's having issues with their play store / market to give this application a Go. 📱👌😄

user review

J Luna


It helped fix my problem! That error thing kept popping up n my messages n this app helped me fix my problem! Thank you!

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Very nice app it gives you very important procedure for handleling issues on your phon i like it .

user review

muntu ahmad

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